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The transition named Marriage

When you are planning to get married, you should be open towards any new experiences you would have. The best thing is not to be biased about anything because a relationship before marriage is far different than the relationship after you tie the knot.

It is not that you are getting married to one person but to a family and your responsibility is not towards one single person but towards their family. You need to find a balance between choosing what you want and when to compromise or rather adjust. Some changes are minor but some changes can be huge.

Changes can be physical, mental, financial and even personal. Recently, I underwent this colossal change and I have come across a few changes in my life which are drastically affecting my lifestyle in a major way.

You not only change your house and surroundings but you also have to adopt a new lifestyle and try your best to fit in. Previously; the idea of getting up in the morning and going to the office was kind of lethargic but now it is a must to do because I have a family to feed. The bonding with your partner after marriage is much stronger and reliable and time flies fast. In a relationship; most couples share happy and joyous sides but after you are married you share things which you never thought of sharing with your partner. You become more conscientious about everything and prioritize each other's needs.

Before marriage; if you think you know your partner well then you must think again because you are about to live with your partner and see their lifestyle and trust me when I say this; your confidence will change because the lifestyle after the marriage is far different than before. You will grow more patient and find happiness in little things. You will notice little quirks and abnormalities in your partner and their equation with their family which was beyond your grasp before.

Most of us think about buying things for ourselves or just our partners but after marriage, you would prefer to save more money for your future generation and your expenses start revolving around your own family and the extended family who are your own now.

After marriage you will feel very less competitive, less angry and less depressed if you have a good relationship with your partner. Before marriage there is a give-and-take thought but after marriage everything you do is unconditional. One of the best things about marriage is that you can wake up next to your partner every morning. But this togetherness sometimes gives you a craving to ask for alone time because everyone needs space. One of the cons of marriage is that sometimes you feel an identity crisis because of the role you are playing and the expectation of your new family.

This is not a whirlwind article of me getting married and sharing what I feel but more like penning down my deepest thoughts which have morphed post this new chapter of my life has begun.

P.s. a smile goes a long way so keep smiling!


Bijeta De Mukherjee

Student of Masters in British English and an Entrepreneur

Content Writer at N-Clicks Studio

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