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Sometimes only a couple of pictures and simple right-swiping is all you need to find your future spouse. Finding your better half online is definitely exciting with a huge chance of it all going haywire. "....Delhi pic nehi hai...kya karu? Kavyaaaa help karna" Riddhi shouted from her room. "Do whatever you want, I am out of it" shouted Kavya, her roommate. Riddhi was fidgeting with the buttons and after a few minutes she dared to swipe right. "Manav, help me with this stupid app, kisko choose karu?" shouted Angad from the kitchen. "Oh! Whomsoever you like; swipe right on her" Manav replied from the bathroom. "Mark my words Angad, you won't find anyone" Angad rolled his eyes and shouted, "Shut the f....", suddenly his phone flashed. Notification ~ You have matched with.... --------------------------------------------- "What shall I wear? Shall I buy a new dress?" Riddhi asked Kavya. "C'mon dude, you are just going on an online date, just wear something classy" said Kavya casually. "Black or blue?" Angad asked holding both of them up and confused. "Blue! And wear those faded jeans" suggested Manav. Angad was sipping his black coffee when Riddhi arrived. "What! Ridhs tu? What's up dude?" Riddhi frowned and came close, "Angad? You were in Delhi na? How are you?" They hugged each other and sat down. "I was in Gurgaon last month, now settled in Kolkata. We are meeting literally after 6-7years, isn't it?" asked Angad excitedly. "Ya. So what are you doing here? Meeting someone?" enquired Riddhi. "Tu hasegi toh nehi right? I...came....on a....blind date", Angad blushed and lowered his face. Riddhi burst into laughter. "That's not fair, she will be here just in a minute," Angad looked at the entrance and then at his wristwatch. "I am not mocking you, I am laughing because I came here for the same reason. He is about to come. By the way, what's her name?" asked Riddhi out of curiosity. "Proper blind date hai, she didn't tell me her real name but her username is wonder@woman", said Angad shrugging slightly. "Dafuq, are you...AV_28? Please don't say yes" Riddhi was shocked beyond belief. "Ummm, un...fortunately I am," Angad gave an awkward smile. The conversation was followed by a long embarrassing silence. "Umm, you dumped me in class 11....and here we go again," exclaimed Angad. “SHIT” Riddhi whispered. "Yeah, don't remind me. I was so freaked out when you confessed to me," Riddhi tried to avoid looking straight into his eyes. " what?" Angad leaned back against the chair. "Umm I don't know. Movie dekhne chale?” Riddhi asked inadvertently, sipping on her coffee. Angad smiled at her, "Chalo!"


Bijeta De Mukherjee

Student of Masters of British English and an Entrepreneur

Content Writer at N-Clicks Studio

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