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"Why would she stop writing letters? Is she okay? Did something happen?" Shankar tried his best to remember her face but he barely could. He remembered that she had dark brown eyes and a sweet smell. But how did she talk? What was she wearing when she first met him? Was she in love with him? There were so many questions lurking in Shankar's mind but he had no answers. Even those questions were starting to get kind of blurry. Shankar was pursuing a Masters in Psychology when he first interacted with her. She was the only friend he had and they preferred to interact through letters. One would write a letter and keep it inside a particular book and keep it at a particular spot and the other would have to find it and write the reply accordingly. More than a year passed, they had interacted and no one ever had a doubt. Shankar was irrevocably in love with her and maybe she was least that's what Shankar thought. In one of his letters he wrote a poem from Iliad, written by Homer, “Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” To this he received a reply, “We will always have our Octobers, Even when everything else fades.” Shankar was sitting on his bed when he suddenly had a question in his mind. He asked, “Will she come back?” He was desperately waiting for a ‘Yes’ but no replies came. He lowered his head and asked softly, “Is she dead?” He was on his bed and closed his eyes. The door opened and she came in. Cladded in a white gown, calling him by her name. The room turned black. Shankar heard a faint voice calling out to him. "Wake up Shankar, snap out of it." A prescription lay on the table stating Mr. Shankar Sharma/Sakshi Singh. He/she is a transexual person with a multiple personality disorder. Latest diagnosis - his male personality has fallen in love with his feminine personality. ‘Love knows no reasons or boundaries.’


Written by

Bijeta De Mukherjee

Student of Masters of British English and an Entrepreneur

Content Writer at N-Clicks Studio


Edited by

Aritra Chakraborty

Bachelor of Commerce

The Jack of all Trades at N-Clicks Studio

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