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The Freedom of owning a Small Business

A global pandemic that has engulfed and affected our lives on an exponential level.

Experts are saying that the world has seen a boom in small businesses originating and growing even despite the pandemic predicament and the recurring waves.

9 to 5 schedules for those who have to go to office even during curfews and lockdowns and uncountable hours for the other half; the ones who have forgotten the difference between their personal and professional lives owing to the advent of WORK FROM HOME.

But wait, it's not just about small businesses but the very fact that entrepreneurship has increased. The mentality of owning your own business, being in control of your own working hours, flexibility and of course the added zeal to contribute to society for YOUR business. For YOUR brand.

Our generation is not the typical working class mentality driven who are defined and regulated by the corporate world and structure that they belong to.

Work-life balance is one of the major aspects that we thrive on. No Jack does all work cause we all know what happens when there's no play.

But hey! Please don't be fooled that it's all like a trip to Disneyland. No. Owning your own business is a 24 hour job because although you get your freedom but there's added responsibilities.

There are other people involved, client's and their money involved.

Biggest challenge? Most entrepreneurs need their existing jobs to pay the bills whilst they work extra hard to build their brands and businesses. And yes, deadlines exist here too! And for good measure because entrepreneurship is not for the procrastinating ones.

You have to have the mindset of being your own boss and building your own empire and the band of six who are NCS dream of doing the same.

N-CLICKs STUDIO is a multidisciplinary creative agency who are wholeheartedly dedicating our creative muscles to make sure that your brand grows. And yes, we're here exclusively for the small businesses. The ones who think they are too miniscule to even notice or pay heed to.

Rise; fellow entrepreneurs. Let's seize the day, together!


Aritra Chakraborty

Bachelor of Commerce

The Jack of All Trades at N-Clicks Studio

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