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Pagglait - Looking Beyond

A widow who doesn't feel grief upon her husband's untimely demise. Unnatural but is it so out there? Aren't we all susceptible to not feeling anything? Feeling numb even when people around us are experiencing tremendous amount of emotions?

Add to that a backdrop of a proper Hindu family. Relatives and in-laws crowding the house for the last rites and rituals.

Amidst all of this, the wife has the simplest of desires. We use desire because given the circumstances, they are quite odd to someone who is religious and knee-deep in Hindu mythology and rituals.

She fancies a Lays Magic Masala or a golgappa. Basic snacks that elude a widow because that's what our religion tells us. But is this a movie demeaning or demanding us to challenge these old ways and schools of thought? Not even at the slightest.

It asks simple questions which are so poignant, that they stay with you long after you close Netflix and carry on with your life, similar to the soundtrack of the movie scored by the musical genius Arijit Singh.

Questions like :-

"Is it wrong to feel hungry even though your husband has just died?"

"Is it unnatural to crave for some food cooked in spices after eating the bland and boiled vegetables as per the rituals?"

"Is it wrong for your friend from another religion coming and taking part in rituals meant for the peace of the departed?"

"Is it wrong for someone to love someone else and yet be married to another because of their family?"

"Is it wrong to want to get to know your husband even though he's passed away?"

As per Wikipedia; Pagglait is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language dark comedy drama film written and directed by Umesh Bist.

But if you ask me; it is so much more than just one genre. It is a confluence of drama, romance and comedy albeit dark in certain areas but fundamentally it is a film showcasing a journey.

A journey of a middle class Hindu wife who transcends into someone better even after such a "hadsa" or incident which are deemed to be the end of a wife's life.

Sanya Malhotra shines in the role of Sandhya, the wife. Showcasing that an offbeat idea can also be perfectly executed if the lead roles are assigned and carried out properly.

Ashutosh Rana, Shruti Sharma and Raghubir Yadav in supporting roles do an exceptional job.

The ending of the movie is just what it needs to be. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And it feels nice to see Bollywood not going overboard just to become a box office HIT!


Aritra Chakraborty

Bachelor of Commerce,

The Jack of All Trades at N-Clicks Studio

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