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Films! Art or Commerce?

How many times do we say to ourselves that Indian cinema does not need to always be about boisterousness? Epic song sequences or jammed packed action stunts which are unbelievable even to toddlers! Even then, these mindless flicks earn more than one can imagine from the box office and the audience pays to watch them in cinema halls while gorging on awfully pricey popcorn and soda (just joking, it is JUST ice). It has been a long time since I have seen a film which did not have these agendas behind it.

Exactly why a film based on a simple idea is so refreshing and well received by the audience. We as cinema lovers are all so tired of the unnatural aspects of big blockbusters that a few filmmakers are actually still making films for the sake of telling a good story irrespective of what the box office says.

Indian cinema has always been loud and colourful which is a valid argument but one needs to see poignant films to understand how Indian cinema does not always necessarily need these same old archaic elements to be profitable. A big shout out to the OTT platforms because I think one positive thing that the pandemic has done for us is give an opportunity to talented and hard working film makers and film writers to make a film without worrying about the “MARKET VALUE” or the “NET RETURN ON INVESTMENT”. If art always had a driving force behind it and that driving force was not inspiration or expression but monetary forecasts and budgetary requirements; I am afraid we would never have the privilege of seeing some of the world class movies from all over the world. There cannot and should not be formulas to generate blockbuster hits.


Aritra Chakraborty

Bachelor of Commerce

The Jack of All Trades at N-Clicks Studio

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Ayindrila Sen
Ayindrila Sen
Jun 01, 2021



surajit sanyal
surajit sanyal
May 31, 2021

Your opinion and observations are important... I truly appreciate and support your views..!



Wow !!

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