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Are we living in Retro 2.0?

Updated: May 10, 2021

What is lifestyle? It is basically the way of living which includes interests, opinions, behaviour and orientation of an individual or a group or culture. It is both tangible and intangible; tangible as it depends on the demographic profile of an individual and intangible as it concerns a person's psychological aspects and outlooks.

Fashion trends tend to repeat. An old trend has a great chance of coming back after a couple of years. The youth loves returning back to old designs and styles now more so than ever.

Youngsters are constantly shuffling between new age music and the retro musical scene because of how songs back then had a story and lyrics had meaning unlike obsessing over drugs and money with a hook step!

Ancient art reflected culture, religion, politics and lifestyle but modern art is more surreal and focuses on self expression. Traditional art represented the reality of that time through narratives while modern art encourages experimentation.

Aestheticism is the philosophical perspective on art and it's beauty.

Socrates emphasized on the power of beauty which put forward the relativity of it.

The modern theory of aesthetic experience is not just about art but also encapsulates nature and captures the spiritual significance of aestheticism, opening a transcendental point of view.

The youth has a huge fascination about decorating their rooms in an aesthetic way by adding a pastel colour scheme followed by warm lighting and tapestries on the wall, quite similar to the interiors of houses in the Victorian era.

Psst... cookie points for incense holders, candle jars with diffused scents or LED bottles and chandeliers.

So, is the youth really shifting back to the retro age? I believe so. But is it necessarily a problem? No.

Respective experiences and perspectives regarding the myriad aspects of life shape up ideologies. Everyone has a birth right to follow their own belief systems and acceptance is key to bridging this generation gap.

And if retro is back, then so be it! After all, Old is Gold, right?


Bijeta De

Student of Masters in British English and an entrepreneur,

Content Writer at N-Clicks Studio.

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