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Are keywords really the bridge between your Dream and your Reality?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

“I have a dream...”

It is a dream for every digital marketer to occupy a significant space in the digital domain. While that seems like it is not a very complicated thing to do but can be challenging if one lacks sound knowledge of keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Keywords are the lynchpin for content creators and content writers. No matter how compelling your content is; lack of usage of keywords or improper usage of keywords can result your website or page to rank low in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) .

It has often been observed that a content of good quality and effort fails to draw visitors because of inappropriate keywords that are being incorporated in the content. While almost every digital marketer; both amateurs and experienced, claims to have a solid grasp of the SEO game, most are quite unaware of the fact that they are on the wrong track.

In this article today, we will be taking a deep dive into the SEO game to be the better players in the domain of digital marketing. Let’s start with the wrong tracks that digital marketers normally walk on.

Inorganic employment of keywords is basically a strategy to circumvent patience and hard work because inorganic SEO practice drives maximum visitors and engagements in a brief span of time. While that sounds very prudent of a digital marketer because they say, “time is money”, this trick is not healthy for a long run. Here are some reasons why:

1. Costs - It should be known to a digital marketer that inorganic SEO isn’t free. A sum has to be paid in order to avail Inorganic SEO.

2. Unpromising - The promise to elevate your endeavour in the market space by inorganic SEO would not ensure longevity.

3. Weak content will lower the rank - No matter how brilliant an idea inorganic SEO seems to be, it will be defeated in the game if you fail to produce contents of good quality.

Having a fair idea of how inorganic SEO can fail us in certain ways, we cannot stress enough that using organic SEO can create wonders unless we learn how to put keywords to our own advantage.

As content creators, you will always have to churn out the best keywords that are relevant with your content and the ones which will stand up to the wants of your target audience.

How to churn out best keywords?

By best keywords we mean, the relevant keywords. Incorporation of relevant keywords makes it easy for your target audience to find your page or website on Google. But there are certain steps to devise relevant keywords:

1. Understand the objective of your website - the objective has to be set prior to deciding on the keywords. Selling turtle-neck clothes online and a blog or a piece of information what a turtle neck top is, are two different subjects. Know what your objective is. How your visitors can benefit by landing on your page or website.

2. Understand the needs and wants of your target audience - if you are running a book blog and mainly focus on classics and you fail to achieve the desired Return On Investment (ROI) it may be because your audience are looking for contemporary books and recommendations. Do your market research well to empathise with your target audience.

In order to enhance the chances of relevance with searches made on Google, broad match keywords often work wonders.

What are broad match keywords?

Broad match is a keywords match type that is used by search engines to detect a word that matches with that of your content. This keyword match type is labelled ‘broad’ because it allows your content to match with the widest range of keywords available. For example, if you search for Charles dickens novels, you will receive results both for the works by dickens and novels in general or a result page on novels by Charles Dickens in particular.

How important is broad match to you?

Broad match types of keywords are the default ones set up for you. When a person starts off in the digital market space and plays with keywords, broad match keyword match type is the default match type set.

For the starters, broad match type keywords will be suitable because it will increase chances of getting your content matched with the keywords types, thus, bringing maximum visitors to your page or website, organically.

If you want to your SEO structure organic all throughout your sessions then you much have a comprehensive grasp of the tools that will elevate your business in the digital market space.

Know about keyword hero.

In the current times, keyword hero is the most reliable, tried and tested SEO tool required for the prosperity of your website or page.

Keyword hero is that Holy Grail for those who are trying level up with the competition all around in the digital domain. It is the best SEO solution, globally acclaimed that organically puts the keywords into the google analytics. It does the job of fetching data from the google analytics account and incorporates them into all the organic sessions of the search engine.

Prior to stepping into the battlefield named ‘digital marketing’ it is always advised to conduct thorough research and learning of the fundamental digital marketing principles, one of them being SEO. A compelling content combined with witty creative moves plus SEO is the magic potion every digital marketer devours to up the digital marketing game. Interested yet unsure how to go about it? That’s why we are here. The Creative team of N-Clicks Studio is fully equipped at handling any and every SEO related issue and provide you top notch solutions on a priority basis.


Disha Ganguly

Master in Journalism and Mass Communication,

Content Writer at N-Clicks Studio

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