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"Multidisciplinary creative agency"; Eh? What now?

“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free.”

The confluence of people from various disciplines becomes the key to generating numerous new ideas.

What do we mean by ‘Multidisciplinary’?

The Cambridge dictionary will tell you that multidisciplinary means “relating to or involving people from different types of work or who have different types of knowledge”.

Hence; a multidisciplinary creative agency is an amalgamation of a range of ideas, implementable across various fields coming from people of different backgrounds, working as a single agency. To put it simply, creativity is free flowing and is not limited to any single discipline. Hence, people hailing from different knowledge backgrounds are putting their creativity to solve various real-life problems.

Multidisciplinary ideas aren’t born in one single day hatching in the mind of one single person. It takes days and most importantly; it takes a varied range of minds to come up with one.

The same happened with N-CLICKS STUDIO. Founded by two minds; it's roots slowly found its way to many others who were interested and equally pumped to be a contributing factor in making N-CLICKS STUDIO what it is today. Although the background and the knowledgeability are vastly different; the idea to help small businesses grow while N-CLICKS STUDIO grows is what brought everyone together and is the primary driving force of the agency.

The essence of N-CLICKS STUDIO as a Multidisciplinary Creative Agency lies in the fact that the learning-working curve only keeps growing with time and the outcome is quite simply the realization of amazing ideas for our ever-supportive clients.

During trying times all you need is a tough team backing up your brand whilst keeping YOU in the process as a centralized force. At N-CLICKS STUDIO; we bring ideas to life. Helping your dreams become a REALITY!


Debasmita Chakraborty

Computer Science Engineer

IT Head at N-Clicks Studio

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Anuja Sengupta
Anuja Sengupta
May 17, 2021

Beautifully written ❤️ Kudos to the entire


A well written blog to start the week❤️

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