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Everyone has heard it but do you know what Passion means?

An innate desire. That is probably how I would describe the word Passion. But is it really possible to wrap a concept like passion? You must be wondering why I used the word concept. Well, it is exactly that; a concept that is unexplainable but can only be felt.

The extra hours put in every single day without fail even though you are dead tired, the countless hours thinking and re-thinking about what to do and how to do it, the thrill, the doubt and uncertainty while implementing a new idea, the sudden surge of confidence while explaining your idea over a cup of tea and the sheer courage to keep going, to keep chasing that dream and turn it into a reality even though there is as magnanimous an event as a lockdown due to a pandemic happening around you.

N-CLICKS STUDIO was envisioned and brought into life on a sultry April evening amidst the lockdown that was imposed from the month of March, 2020 and it grew even though everyone was trapped inside their houses and there was a pandemic at large. It all began with a phone call and the rest as they say is history. We began with creating content with the ideology that we shall not be making content without any context or meaning, that whatever we make will come from a place of honesty and will be fuelled by our passion. Our passion to grow and to create content that has meaning and will add to one’s life. Slowly but steadily; we began ideating how to make this into a business front and then after countless virtual meetings and calls we chanced upon the idea of becoming a multidisciplinary creative agency who cater to small businesses with marketing and creative solutions to help their brands grow and expand.


Aritra Chakraborty

Bachelor of Commerce

The Jack of All Trades at N-Clicks

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surajit sanyal
surajit sanyal
May 12, 2021

Aritra, Fantastic work..!

I really appreciate the way you write, you are a true gift and your writing is infectious... Keep up the good work 👏👍👏


Well written Aritra ❤️


Amazingly written!

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