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Introduction to Social Media Marketing

The technique of using social media platforms and websites to promote a business is social media marketing. Besides e-marketing and digital marketing, social media marketing is becoming popular more and more with time.

The popular platforms for social media marketing are Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc. It not only enables brands to expand the business but also helps to keep the company's name in the public eye which helps to influence the target audience.

There are various aspects to Social Media Marketing. To begin with, gaining the market insight, knowing their interests, opinions and needs of the customer becomes easier. India has many integrated digital marketing companies with innovative ideas and human-centric experiences. In Kolkata, N-Clicks Studio has set out on a phenomenal journey towards using Social Media Marketing to suit for the various needs of local small business and clients in general.

Social Media have certain features that help the customers to contact the seller or the company after gaining certain knowledge about the product. The advertisement sets a monthly budget with almost no overages and it allows you to tailor the expenditure any time.

Social media business is totally free and limitless. If the business is active and engaging on a variety of social networks, the company will gain more customers despite any sort of competition. The fundamentals of social media marketing are the goal, the content, and the platform, followed by analysis, strategy development, communication, implementation, evaluation, and feedback.

Social media marketing strategy is divided into two parts. One is proactive like regular posting and the other is reactive conversations which includes the interaction with the customers. And at N-Clicks Studio, we cater to the exact need of your brand and accordingly a social media marketing strategy is instrumented to not only elevate the customer experience but also make sure you get your boost.

To know more about Social Media Marketing, watch this space.


Bijeta De

Student of Masters in British English and an entrepreneur,

Content writer at N-Clicks Studio

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