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Advertisement films v/s Brand Films: What's what?

What do we understand when we come across the word "advertisement" tagged along with films?

We probably recall ads which are short, crisp, smartly placed, and are aesthetic pieces of videos. We understand the basic of what, why or how of a brand or product, but to a new entrepreneur who doesn’t know the subtle difference between an 'Ad film' and a 'Brand film', taking a decision of creating either can come down with ugly overages without the desired result.

The basic difference between an Ad film and Brand Film lies in the execution of the idea of the brand which will be portrayed on screen. A typical brand film will be the face of the company, will tell the audience about who they are, their ideologies, and in return will try to build a better communication with the audience or potential client. Whereas, an Ad film depicts quickly about a product or service. An ad film is basically a marketing tool which might be used to promote a service or goods and at times might even spread a message whereas a brand film mostly talks ABOUT the brand and its ethos and helps to build brand reputation for the long run.

At N-CLICKS Studio, when someone is opting for the free consultation, it becomes our first priority to clarify the basics of such concepts for our clients to understand what’s best for them, and our experienced Production team then strives hard to beautifully execute the idea into an impactful Brand Film, or a meaningful Ad Film.


Sumitava Saha

Student of Masters in Television and Film Production,

Co-founder of N-Clicks Studio

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